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Is your Garden in a mess? Or do you have a pile of junk you no longer want? Speak to Man and Van St Helens, we offer affordable Garden Waste Disposal in St Helens.

Here at Man and Van St Helens, we offer garden waste removal and clearance in St Helens. No matter the amount and type of waste our experienced team can remove all rubbish from your Garden. Our team are able to move all the waste to the van and take it away the same day! Our garden waste clearance service starts from £50 but this ensures your garden waste is removed quickly and in the most environmentally friendly way from our team of expirenced staff at Man and Van St Helens.

Our Garden Waste Removal Service in St Helens

Here at Man and Van St Helens, we do things slightly differently. Rather then hiring a skip, and manually filling the skip full of your garden waste. Our staff can get the garden cleared and all waste removed from your property in the same day. So there is no need to worry about skip permits, our carrying out back breaking work. We can sort all that for you to make sure your garden waste in St Helens is moved efficently.

Our Garden waste services includes:

  • Removing all unwanted plants
  • Taking away piles of bricks or junk
  • Removing trees (Upto 6ft)
  • Taking down Greenhouses or Sheds
  • Garage Demolition
  • Lift and dispose of paving stones
  • Remove Garden pruning’s, trimmings & leaves.
  • Recycle Branches and bushes.
  • Disposal of garden furniture and equipment.
Garden Waste Clearance in St Helens

At Man and Van St Helens, we have a trained team of professionals with all the appropriate tools to make sure your garden waste is removed.We have chopped treses, dug up roots and manual labour job in your back or font garden that needs completing we can help.

We have a lot of industry contacts, so if we need a skip to complete the garden waste removal we can arrange that on the day.

Our staff at Man and Van St Helens, have been trained to deal with any type of job, so we are able to remove all your garden waste with ease. So, you can let our staff crack on and get the job done as fast as possible. Only thing we do require is a warm brew on arrival. Find out your Garden Clearance cost in St Helens by calling us today.

Below are some questions we often get asked

Garden Waste Clearance St Helens

How much does garden waste removal cost in St Helens?

The cost of a garden clearance depends on the amount of waste that needs moving at the type of waste. As you will expect if we are taking up 150 paving stones, this is much more difficult then remove a pile of leaves. We cost each job individually based on the amount of time it will take to complete the garden waste removal. Here at Man and Van St Helens, we offer a cheap service compared to other providers, so get a FREE garden clearance quote today.

What does a garden clearance consist of?

During a standard Garden Waste Disposal, our team of experienced staff will arrive at the agreed time. We will try and get there as early as possible to ensure we get the garden waste clearance complete as soon as we possibly can. Out team with then use all the correct tools, to remove your waste from your garden and fill one of our vans. Once all the garden waste is removed and, in the van, we will take the waste to the nearest recycling centre to dispose of all the waste.

Where does the garden waste go?

This is dependant on the type of waste it is. It will more often then not be recycled in some form. This could include passing it to charity shops, handing the waste over to one of waste partners, or it will be taken to the local St Helens skip and be placed into the correct unit.

How do you get rid of garden waste?

This is a question we often get asked at Man and Van St Helens. If you are completing a Garden Clearance in St Helens, where does all the waste go? The answer to this depends on the type of waste it is. Anything that will de-compose,  we will relocate and let it. If its bricks, stones, concrete slabs we will take them to the nearest aggregates yard. These will then be broken up into small parts and recycled.

How long will a garden clearance job in St Helens take?

In over 95% of cases, we will complete the garden waste removal job on the same day. We can bring 1, 2 or 3 men to make sure the job is completed as fast as possible. Not only will Man and Van St Helens have the manpower but we will also bring all the correct tools for the job. This will include wheelbarrows, hedge trimmers, spades, and whatever else we might need to clear your garden waste. If you can send us pictures of the garden waste you want to be removed, we can make sure we bring the correct tools and men for the job. Our team of experienced garden clearance staff will know exactly what to do, to get the job completed the same day. So don’t hesitate, give us a call today.

What information do you need for a garden clearance quote?

To give you an accurate garden clearance price in St Helens, we need a couple of details. One the location of the job, the further out of St Helens it is the more it will cost due to petrol expenses on the van. Secondly the amount of garden waste and what it is that needs clearing. Thirdly, when do you want the garden clearence in St Helens to take place. From this information alone we wll be able to give you an accurate garden clearance cost.

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